Q.What do you do? 

A. We are a complete bathroom design and renovation company. We will design and project manage the renovation of your bathroom from beginning to completion. 

Q.  Do I have to pay for bathroom fitting estimate or design advice?

A.  No. All our estimates and design advice is free of charge.

Q. What do I need to buy to start the job?

A. It varies – usually we will order for you so you need not worry about this. If we’re just installing for you, you’ll need to order and arrange delivery of goods to your premises. All goods are required to be on the job-site by the start date of the renovation.

Q. How long it takes to renovate a new bathroom?

A. We are always working hard to reduce bathroom renovation time to a minimum. Maximum should be two – three weeks.

Q. Can you provide temporary portable bathrooms and toilets?

A. Yes!

Q. How much involvement will I have during the renovation?

A. Besides the initial consultation and confirmation of design and inclusions, Nova Bathroom Renovations will coordinate the entire job from strip out to clean up. Each job is completely supervised and coordinated by our on-site manager so that you don't even have to be in the house during the renovation if you wish. Some clients prefer to have their renovation done whilst they are away on holidays.

Q. What guarantee do I get with the job?

A. We offer a statutory warranty of 6 years on labour, materials and our waterproofing system, as per the NSW Home Building Act. Prime cost items have their own manufacturers warranty, usually 12 months to 2 years.

Q. What makes a bathroom renovation more or less expensive?

A. The cost of a bathroom renovation will be driven up if there is the need for extensive plumbing or custom carpentry work. In general, fixtures and fittings account for the highest cost percentage in the bathroom. The final cost will vary depending on the brand, types of materials and products you select.

Q. Do I need to organise a bin to take the rubbish away?

A. No. Included in our quote is an allocation for a site bin, so no rubbish or waste is left behind.

Q: Do I stay home for the entire process?

A: No, you may go to work as normal, that’s why you should choose Nova Bathroom Renovations with confidence. It’s a family owned business and we take care of the lot. Our team is honest and trustworthy; you may rest assured you will be in safe hands.  We have completed hundreds of bathroom renovations with many, many satisfied customers.

Feel free to view customer testimonials which are available in our Showroom or on our website.

Q.  Will Nova Bathroom Renovations help me choose all of the materials (vanity, toilet, basins, bath tubs, etc.) for my project to make the process less overwhelming?

A. Our Showroom team are there to guide you in every aspect of your renovation from taps and tiles to different styles of shower screens or bathroom heating.

Q. Can I buy the fittings and fixtures for my renovation from Nova Bathroom Renovations?

A. Yes. That is a major component of what makes us a one stop shop. We are able to design everything for you, help you choose the materials, and sell them to you. This makes it very convenient for our clients.

It is also important to note that we don’t require you to purchase the materials from us, you may purchase your materials from other suppliers if you wish and have us renovate the bathroom for you. 

Q. Can you remodel a bathroom for disabled seniors that is fully accessible?

A. Yes, we recommend removing the bath and designing a shower to meet your needs with non-skid tile and grab bars to accommodate accessibility needs.